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Interview with @guywithacamera408


Meet Daniel otherwise known as @guywithacamera408. He's young, passionate and insanely talented. We had to reach out to him to get to know him better before he was too famous to be able to reply. Learn more about him below. (more…)

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Interview with professional racer – James Runacres


Meet James Runacres, I came across via Instagram. He seemed like such a cool character in the automotive world. A professional racer in Asia. Building one badass FD. So I found a chance to get to know him better and understand how his passion for the automotive world has shaped his life. (more…)

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Man and Machina Newsletter 03.08.2016


In this week's issue we interview @ayyyitsjayyy an automotive photographer. Check out an interview Petrolicious did with the founder of Singer and reconnect with our love for our first sports car. Check it out here: <a href="">Click Here</a>

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Interview with Austin Lee – Photographer


Meet Austin Lee the man behind the camera for @ayyitsjayyy. His photos look like they've been done by someone who has spent a lifetime as professional automotive photographer so it blew me away to realize he has been shooting since September 2015. What's crazier is he's only 18 years old. So I reached out Austin Lee to learn more about him and his life around cars. Do you remember the first moment you fell in love with cars? This might…

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Man and Machina Newsletter 02.29.16


Our next newsletter is out. Check it out Man&Machina 02.29.16 In this newsletter we interview @valveandpiston on his passion for the automotive world and how it has shaped him. We also check out an incredible Pikes Peak Hill Climb video. Read about the Luke Huxham interview and learn about an incredible barn find story all on this newsletter. Man&Machina 02.29.16

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Interview with Valve & Piston


Meet @ValveandPiston. I came across this profile a few weeks ago while getting lost in the world of Instagram. The content and pictures they post on their profile are incredible. Reflecting an era where racing was a beautiful and passionate sport. Their bio reminds me how we all feel as passionate car people: “A vintage-inspired memoir for those who spend our nights and weekends oil-stained. Here’s to what keeps us alive - valves and pistons.” So I reached out Valves&Piston…

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Man and Machina Issue 1


Issue 1 is out now, view it here: Issue 1 We check out some cool instagram profiles. Read about wicked Nissan S14s and of course the infamous Magnus Walker.

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Why this automotive newsletter?


I love being passionate about cars. I love the sense of community I have anywhere in the world. That I can go to a car meet and it doesn’t matter what I drive, who I am and where I came from. Only that I can speak the same language as automotive enthusiasts. (more…)